Welcome to season 2018

We are looking forward to welcome you all to our first season at Tørring Teltplads & Camping.

If you want to start your canoe trip from Tørring, it is possible to stay at our campsite in your own tent or rent a cabin.

If you want to stay more nights and want to explorer your beautiful  nature nearby, please contact us and we can help you all the way around.

Remember, it requires a sailing permit to sail on The River of Gudenaa on the part from Tørring to Mossø. Permissions are issued by us and you can order this below.

Sailing on the part from Tørring to Mossø is permitted from 16 June 2018.

Here you can see maps and rules regarding sailing on The river of Gudenaaen

Map & rules – Gudenaaen

Best regards
Betina Nygaard Johansen


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